“Ooh, those make you look so intellectual!”

English Lesson: Ooh, those make you look so intellectual!

You and your girlfriend are shopping in a glasses store. She tries on a pair of glasses. She looks smart with them on. You say this.

Ooh, those make you look so intellectual!

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This is a noise that people make when they're interested in something, or when something makes them feel good.

Ooh, pretty!

Ooh, I like this!

(something) makes (someone) look (adjective)

When people wear different clothes and accessories, they look different. You can talk about how clothes "make" a person look:

Do these jeans make me look fat?

That shirt makes me look taller.

Makeup and hair cuts can also "make" people look different ways:

Her new haircut makes her look a lot older, if you ask me.

(someone) is intellectual

The word "intellectual" is different from "intelligent". An "intelligent" person is smart. But an "intellectual" person loves being smart, thinking about philosophy and literature, reading long books, discussing deep topics, and so on.

Not all intelligent people are intellectual. However, most intellectual people are smart.