“Stop obsessing over it and just post it already!”

English Lesson: Stop obsessing over it and just post it already!

Your boyfriend is going to post a photo from his birthday party. He's taking a long time to choose the photo and write a message. You want him to relax.

Stop obsessing over it and just post it already!

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stop (doing something)

Use this to express an action that stops:

Stop staring at me!

Don't use "stop to (do)" - that has the totally different meaning. It means to stop what you're doing so that you can do something else. For example:

We need to stop to get gas.

obsess over (something)

To "obsess over" something means to spend too much time worrying about details.

For example, if someone spends two hours every morning to get ready to go out, you could say that they are "obsessing over" their appearance.

My brother obsesses over how he looks way more than I do.

This phrase sounds negative. To describe someone who pays attention to details in a positive way, you can say that they are "meticulous":

He's always been really meticulous about keeping his apartment clean.

post (something) (on the internet)

"Posting" something like a photo, a video, or a link to a website means putting it on the internet somewhere. You can post things to:

  • a social media service like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • a blog
  • an online forum

Talk about posting things like this:

I loved that picture that you posted the other day of you and your cat!

Just (do something) already!

"Just ___ already!" is something that you say when someone is acting too slowly. You say this because you're annoyed and you want them to hurry up. Here are some examples:

Just go already! You're gonna be late!

I've been hearing about this girl for weeks. Just ask her out already! What are you waiting for?