“Sweetie, Granny had a stroke.”

English Lesson: Sweetie, Granny had a stroke.

You get a call from your mother late at night. She tells you this bad news about your grandmother.

Sweetie, Granny had a stroke.

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"Sweetie" is a name that you can call someone. Here are some examples of who calls who "sweetie":

  • Mothers can call their children "sweetie"
  • A father can call his daughters "sweetie", but probably not his sons.
  • Teachers might call their students "sweetie" if the students are very young, like 8 years old or lower.
  • Some gay men call their friends and various other people "sweetie".
  • Some older women call anyone younger than them "sweetie", even strangers.
  • You can call your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife "sweetie".


"Granny" is a name that people often use for a grandmother.

English speakers actually use lots of different names for their grandmothers, like

  • "Granny"
  • "Gran"
  • "Grandma"
  • "Gramma"
  • "Nana"

(someone) had a stroke

A "stroke" is a health emergency that happens when blood doesn't reach part of a person's brain. When this happens to someone, you say that they "are having a stroke":

I think he's having a stroke! Someone call an ambulance!

Some people who have a stroke die from it. Others who survive have problems like paralysis (part of their body doesn't move anymore) and speech problems.