“Then select the appropriate status from the drop-down menu.”

English Lesson: Then select the appropriate status from the drop-down menu.

You're teaching a coworker how to use a database application. You're explaining how to fill in an important form. This is one step in the process.

Then select the appropriate status from the drop-down menu.

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the status of (something)

The "status" of something is its present condition. You can also think of it as "what's happening now". Here are some examples:

What's the status of my flight?

This question means, "Is my flight delayed? Is it on time? Or is it cancelled?"

I'll shoot Fran an e-mail and ask her what the current status of the redesign is.

This means "Is someone working on the redesign? Is it almost finished?"

The word "status" often appears along with "update".

select (something from a list)

The word "select" means "choose":

Which option have you selected?

"Select" is a little more formal than "choose".

It also suggests choosing something from a list or a group of options, like a menu. "Choose" can be used in the same way as "select". But you can use "choose" to talk about yes-or-no choices:

I chose not to go.

It's less common to use "select" in this kind of situation.

the appropriate (something)

"Appropriate" means "correct". You can use it in combinations like these:

  • the appropriate time
  • an appropriate response
  • appropriate behavior
  • appropriate dress
  • an appropriate choice

The word "appropriate" sounds a little bit formal.

a drop-down (menu)

On a computer program or form, a "drop-down menu" is a small box which expands to show more choices when you click or tap it.

Most computer programs have drop-down menus at the top of the screen which contain different actions and settings that you can select. Online forms may have drop-downs for questions with a limited number of answers. For example, the "Country" option on a form is often a drop-down menu.

You can use the phrase "drop-down menu" or just "drop-down".