“We design and sell high-end luxury apparel.”

English Lesson: We design and sell high-end luxury apparel.

The company that you work for makes expensive clothes. You're chatting with someone who you just met. You tell her about the company.

We design and sell high-end luxury apparel.

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design (clothing, shoes, etc.)

When someone thinks of a new idea for something and plans out how to make it, they are "designing" something. For example, a clothing designer thinks of new styles of dresses, shirts, jackets, and so on.

Lots of different things can be "designed". Here are a few:

  • clothing
  • jewelry
  • a website
  • a catalog
  • a computer

high-end (products)

"High-end" things are expensive and high quality. People mostly use this phrase when talking about a business and the kind of products that the business sells.

They also own a high-end watch retailer.

Some things that can be called "high-end" include:

  • clothing brands
  • luxury cars
  • fine restaurants

luxury apparel

"Luxury apparel" is a category of the clothing industry. It means clothes that are very expensive.

The word "apparel" means "clothes" but it's a very technical-sounding word. People who work in clothing stores, department stores, and clothing manufacturers use this word when they talk about their products.