“We're meeting up to sign the lease later this afternoon.”

English Lesson: We're meeting up to sign the lease later this afternoon.

You and your partner are moving to a new apartment, and you've just decided where you're going to move. Now you're chatting on the phone with a friend, and you share the news with her.

We're meeting up to sign the lease later this afternoon.

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meet up

The word "meet" has two basic meanings:

  1. To see and speak with someone for the first time.
  2. To get together with someone who you already know or have met before.

The phrase "meet up" is useful because it only means the second definition of "meet". So it's better to say that you're "meeting up" with someone who you already know:

Let's meet up next weekend.

If you say that you're "meeting" someone, it may sound like you don't know them yet.

To identify the person that you're meeting, use "meet up with ___":

I met up with Jerry for drinks the other day, and he told me that you were engaged. Congratulations!

later this (week/month/year/etc.)

You can explain when something is going to happen this way:

She's coming by later today.

I'm moving to Miami later this year.

If today is Monday, "later this week" might be Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. If today is Friday or Saturday, you probably won't use this expression.

sign the lease

A "lease" is a legal document for renting a house, apartment, business space, car, etc. It's an agreement between the owner and the renter.

To show that you accept a legal agreement like a lease, you "sign" your name. This means that you write your name in a way that is specific to you.

So when you're going to rent some property, you have to "sign the lease".