“Oh, I'm sorry. Am I blocking your view?”

English Lesson: Oh, I'm sorry. Am I blocking your view?

You're at a political rally. You're standing in a crowd of people. You notice that a short woman behind you is moving around a lot because she can't see the stage.

Oh, I'm sorry. Am I blocking your view?

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This is a sound that people make when they've learned something that surprises them, or something that they didn't know before.

Oh, you're not coming? I thought you were.

A: Excuse me, miss. We're closing in five minutes.

B: Oh, OK.

Oh, I guess we're both going the same way, huh?

block (someone's) view

"Blocking someone's view" means putting something in the way and preventing a person from seeing something that they want to see.

For example, if you want to look out of your window and see your neighborhood, but there's a tree growing in front of the window, you can say that the tree is "blocking your view".

A person's view can be blocked by:

  • a tree
  • a car
  • someone's body or part of their body