“Yeah, it's an acquired taste.”

English Lesson: Yeah, it's an acquired taste.

You offered a friend a beer, but she says that she doesn't drink beer because she doesn't like the taste. Although you like beer, you say this because you agree that it tastes strange and can understand why some people don't like it.

Yeah, it's an acquired taste.

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(something) is an acquired taste

An "acquired taste" is something that most people don't like at first, but slowly start to like more and more as they become used to it.

Beer is a great example of "an acquired taste" because most people don't like it the first time they taste it. But later they start to like the taste.

Other things can also be called "acquired tastes". Here are a few examples:

  • music that's really loud and annoying at first
  • a TV show that's hard to understand for the first few episodes
  • a person who tells rude jokes but is really kind and helpful when you get to know them


"Yeah" is a more casual way of saying "yes". 

Say this to agree with something that a person said:

Yeah, no problem.

Yeah, I actually did it myself.

You can also say "yeah" when you're going to disagree but you want to make your disagreement sound a little softer.

Yeah, but then it'll be blocking one of the outlets.

"Yeah" sounds less formal than "yes."