English Lessons

English Lesson: Yes, I just wanted to verify that my payment has been received?

There's a loan payment that you have to pay before a certain date. You sent your payment for the bill, but you're not sure that the bank received it yet. So you call the bank to confirm. You start the phone conversation by saying this.

English Lesson: It's good stuff. Organic, no artificial flavors or preservatives... and it's pretty tasty!

You're eating a snack at work that you bought from a health food store. It's a snack bar that you often buy because you like it. A coworker asks what you're eating, so you recommend it.

English Lesson: I bought these here earlier today, but when I got them home I discovered that one of them seems to have a hole in it.

Earlier today you bought a pair of gloves, but one of them had a hole in it. Now you've returned to the store where you bought the gloves. This is how you explain your situation to a cashier on duty.

English Lesson: What's it going to take to get through to you?

Your son is doing badly in school. You get angry at him, but he doesn't seem to be interested in taking your advice. You are frustrated and want to complain that he's not listening. You say this to him in frustration.

English Lesson: As you're well aware, all requests for tech support are to go through me.

You're the manager of a tech support department at a company. People are supposed to e-mail you when they need help with their computers and other technology. Then you choose an employee from your staff to help them. One coworker doesn't follow th...

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