English Lessons

English Lesson: They don't even make eye contact with you!

You went to a grocery store where the cashiers are often rude to you. You can't believe that they're so rude. You say this while complaining to a friend about the store employees.

English Lesson: The soles of my feet are raw from all that walking.

You're visiting another city for sightseeing. Today, you and your friend walked around the city for a long time. Now your feet hurt, so you complain to your friend.

English Lesson: Are you getting any reception?

You're visiting the countryside with your brother and his family. You need to make a phone call, but your mobile phone is not connecting because you're too far away from the nearest cell tower. You want to ask your brother if his phone is working,...

English Lesson: Double click that yellow icon to launch it.

You're training a new employee at your job in how to use a software program. You start by explaining how to open the program.

English Lesson: That seems like a tough field to break into.

You meet someone at a party. She says that she's a veterinarian (animal doctor) at a zoo. You're really impressed because it seems hard to get that job. You comment on it.

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