English Lessons

English Lesson: OK. Let's go with that then.

You're leading a meeting at work. You've been discussing a project that you're planning. Everyone in the meeting has agreed on a plan. You say something to end the discussion.

English Lesson: It's made a noticeable difference.

You are discussing your exercise routine with a friend who's also interested in exercise. You recently started doing a new type of weight lifting exercise. Your friend asks you if it's been successful. Positively, you respond like this.

English Lesson: I saw you checking out that lady in there.

When you were at a restaurant with your dad, an attractive woman was sitting at a table nearby. You noticed that your father was looking at her a lot. After you leave the restaurant, you say this to tease him for looking at the woman.

English Lesson: So, yeah. Anyway...

You're on a first date at a restaurant. You were telling a story about the town you grew up in. Now your story's done and you don't have anything else to talk about. Awkwardly, you say this.

English Lesson: A fugitive has been apprehended after attempting to escape from a Durham county jail.

You're watching the news on TV. There's some news about a prisoner who escaped, but has now been caught again. The news anchor (TV announcer) says this.

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