English Lessons

English Lesson: I'm very sorry that it didn't meet your standards.

You are a waiter at a nice restaurant. A customer complains that her food wasn't good, but she's already eaten all of it. You want to apologize, but you can't bring her another meal, so you say this to smooth things over.

English Lesson: You'd never guess they were related.

You know two guys who are brothers but don't look or act the same at all. You're talking about them with a friend who just met them. You say this during your conversation.

English Lesson: They did just a phenomenal job on this event.

In a meeting for the entire staff, the Marketing Director is complimenting how well her employees put together an event. She says this because she is extremely pleased.

English Lesson: The average life expectancy there is something crazy like 82 years.

You read an article about a small island where people live a long time. You're describing this place to a coworker who didn't read the article.

English Lesson: I forgot to charge it.

Your mobile phone doesn't work because the power is low. You want to make a call, so you ask your friend to borrow his phone. He asks why you can't use your own phone. You answer like this.

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