English Lessons

English Lesson: I intend to address these challenges head-on.

There's an upcoming election. You're watching a speech by one of the candidates. She's just listed some problems in the government. Now she says this.

English Lesson: Baby, would you mind giving me a hand with this?

You're cleaning the kitchen. Your wife isn't helping you. You want to ask her to help, but you'd like to ask politely so that you don't start a fight. You ask this.

English Lesson: It... uh... I think it auto-saves your work as you type.

You're training a coworker in how to use a computer system that she needs for her job. You explain why the program doesn't have a "save" button.

English Lesson: You can tell by the way she carries herself and her tone of voice that she comes from a well-to-do family.

You're hanging out with one of your friends at school. A woman who you both recognize from one of your classes walks by. You don't know her, but you think she seems rich. You say to your friend this.

English Lesson: I must say, I've been quite impressed with the quality of the pictures that I've taken with it.

You bought a new mobile phone a few weeks ago and have been taking pictures with it. Now you're showing some of the photos to a friend, and you are noticing that they look better than you would expect for mobile phone pictures. You say this about ...

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