English Lessons

English Lesson: Come on out with us and blow off some steam!

You're going to have after-work drinks with some co-workers. One co-worker doesn't usually come. Today he seems stressed. You want to invite him to come with you, so you say this.

English Lesson: Try to get in around nine.

There's a new employee working under you. She asks what time work starts. You're not very strict, so you tell her the time this way.

English Lesson: Can you refresh my memory?

You're talking with your friend from high school about other people who used to go to school with you. Your friend asks if you remember a certain person, but you don't really remember that person. You want your friend to give some more information...

English Lesson: They're one of the most reliable cars on the road.

Your friend just bought a new car. The model that she bought is a good one which rarely breaks or has problems. You comment on her choice.

English Lesson: How do you know which server to select?

A coworker is showing you how to use a software system at work. While showing you how to connect to the company's network, she chooses a server from a list. You want to know why she picked that one.

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