English Lessons

English Lesson: Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

Your brother has made a lot of money on the stock market and says that he wants to use some of the money to buy an expensive sports car. You try to talk him out of it (convince him not to do it) but he says he can afford to buy it because he has e...

English Lesson: For some reason FBS wouldn't let me log in.

You're learning how to use a computer program at work. You tried to open the program, but it wouldn't accept your account name and password. You ask a coworker for help.

English Lesson: My father was always too absorbed in his work to pay much attention to me.

You don't get along well with your father. When you were a child, he was a busy executive. You're talking to a therapist about the problems that you have with him. You confess this to the therapist.

English Lesson: I’m... ah... I'm exploring my options right now.

You're at a family reunion. One of your uncles asks about your work situation. You don't have a job right now. You're embarrassed, so you describe your situation this way.

English Lesson: Have a good one!

You're leaving work for the weekend on a Friday afternoon. You see someone who you work with, but don't know very well. You nod and say goodbye this way.

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