English Lessons

English Lesson: I need to report a lost or stolen ATM card.

You can't find your bank card. You're afraid that you may have dropped it somewhere or that it might be stolen. You call the bank and say this to the customer service representative.

English Lesson: Where'd you get it done?

Your friend's car had a large dent in it, but he had it fixed. You're impressed with how well it was done, and you want to know where it was fixed so you can go to that mechanic yourself. You ask him this.

English Lesson: You must feel quite a sense of accomplishment.

You're hanging out with a friend who just graduated with a Ph.D. You're happy for her, and you say this because you want to hear how she feels about it.

English Lesson: Come on! What do you say?

You meet a girl who you'd like to go out with at a dance club. You ask her on a date, but she doesn't answer. You want to encourage her to answer, so you say this.

English Lesson: Lord, we pray that you watch over Richard and his family in this difficult time.

Your cousin-in-law is sick with cancer. You've recently found out about it. You're having a family meal, and you say a blessing before the meal. You say this as part of the blessing.

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