“Oh yeah: when does your passport expire?”

English Lesson: Oh yeah: when does your passport expire?

You're planning a vacation to Mexico with your husband. You suddenly realize you should check both your passports in case they expire soon.

Oh yeah: when does your passport expire?

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(something) expires (sometime)

Many contracts, licenses, memberships, and subscriptions have an "end date". This end date is called the "expiration date". We say that the contract, etc. "expires" on that date. After that date, we say that it "has expired" or "is expired".

For example:

When does your passport expire?

I forgot to pay the bill, so our renter's insurance expired.

Oh yeah!

English speakers say "Oh yeah!" when they remember something:

A: Hey, do you remember that science fiction TV show I used to love?

B: Oh yeah, the one where it was like a mix of outer space and the Wild West?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: Morgan wanted me to ask you to call her.