English Lessons

“I didn't catch that. Did you hear what he said?”

English Lesson: I didn't catch that. Did you hear what he said?

You're watching a movie with your friend and you didn't understand something that a character said. You ask your friend this, hoping he can clear up the confusion.

I didn't catch that. Did you hear what he said?

English Lesson: No thanks. I'll just try him again later.

You call a client's office. The client isn't there, so his assistant answers and offers to take a message. You say this because you don't want to leave a message.

English Lesson: This one's quite a bit cheaper... but it has a six-hour layover in Atlanta.

You're flying overseas for a family event. You're looking for cheap plane tickets now with your wife. You found a flight that costs less but takes a long time. You point it out to her.

English Lesson: It's not all glamour and prestige; we put in a lot of long, thankless hours.

You work for a fashion designer. You're introducing the job to some new interns at your company. You explain that it's not going to be as fun as they probably imagined.

English Lesson: I don't blame you.

You live in a small town. You're talking to your teenage nephew, who lives in the same small town. He says he wants to move somewhere else as soon as possible. The town is boring, so you say this because you understand why he wants leave.